• Switches & Routers

    Brocade offers a complete family of routers and Ethernet switches for enterprises, data centers and service provider networks. With industry-leading performance, reliability and scalability essential characteristics. With brocade switches and routers you will have highly available and secure networks.

  • The Dell Force 10 switches and routers offer a wide range of products to offer simpler access networks at lower costs, provide line-rate performance, cost-effective scalability and robust switching at Layer 2 (L2) and routing Layer 3 (L3). Force10 Networks is a pioneer in the resilient switching and routing of a Gigabit and of 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Based on a revolutionary architecture that combines a fully distributed hardware and modular software, guaranteeing predictable performance of the application, an increase in network availability and reduced operating costs.

  • Routers
    Cisco routers help to access applications and services and integrate technologies. Its comprehensive portfolio of Cisco routers can help you create a more intelligent and integrated network and more responsive.

    Cisco switches scale to meet the needs of networks of all sizes.
    The Cisco switching solutions are the cornerstone of the Cisco Borderless Network architecture. Extensible platforms and intelligent services combine to offer outstanding business value to networked organizations of all sizes and belonging to all industries.
    Learn how switching solutions and borderless networks can give you a significant return on investment.